Another Internet Girlfriend

Eva, setting fire to a shop in the recent riots

I was thinking just recently. Maybe I shouldn’t have let my doomed relationship with Irina Fluffi and the subsequent threats from her husband Gustav put me off Internet dating. So with that in mind, I replied to a lovely email from a girl called Eva…

From: eva []
Sent: 18 July 2011 15:01
To: stewie
Subject: how is your day? Give me please one advice.

Hello !

How is your day? How is your mood today? I hope my letter will find you in good mood.

I don’t remember where I found you. Maybe I found you at any social network or dating site… Really I don’t remember because much time has passed. But in any case I’m glad that now I can write to you. I think it’s cool to talk with someone from another country. Maybe we could share at least a few letters and get to know each other better?

Maybe we could start a new friendship. Who knows!? By the way where do you live? I was born in Poland and live here now.

I like to learn new people and I’m open for dialogue and for a new friend. And what about you? Maybe you could give a little of your time?

Currently I see new country for my vacation. Could you tell me more about your country? Traditions? I would like any information. I want to thank you in advance. I want to go on vacation for a long time.

Sorry I was not offered [By who?]. My name is Eva. And your? [My… what?] I hope I did not take much of your time. I’ll be glad if you write me soon. I’ll be glad to talk with you. As I have said I am open to discussion.

I’m waiting ….:)

Take care and have a good time!

Bye bye for now!



From: stewie
Subject: RE: how is your day? Give me please one advice.
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 14:44:32

Hi Eva

You must have seen me on the website for attractive people only, They only let the most handsome men register. Thanks for your photograph. I have attached one of me for you to print and keep in your purse.

I live in HM Prison Brixton in London, after an accident involving a sheep when I was naked. It was honestly a misunderstanding and I am adamant that she was leading me on. I really hope that ewe believe me. Anyway, I am on day release now and hope to be released soon to move to an isolated country village.

I love Poland. I’ve never been there, but I know that Polish girls love to get trashed on vodka, so that’s good enough for me! Allow me to offer myself – I am Stewie.

Where I come from we have many farming traditions, such as ram-raiding (not what you may think) and sheepdog trials – which is not a criminal court for naughty dogs, as you may think, it is a test of herding skills.

Tell me more about yourself!


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 23:38:33 +0200
To: stewie
Subject: Hello again!

Hello there Stewie,

Sorry I can’t write to You sooner. I was busy [Yeah, lots of scam emails to write]. How are You? I hope You have a good moodI wish You a wonderful day!

I would like to tell You a little about myself. I live in Poland, in Warsaw. This is a pretty old town, which have their own charm like all capitals I think. This is a wonderful place to live. River Vistula run through.
Personally I am very hardworking and determined girl. I have my own women’s clothing store here in Warsaw.
It’s a small store, but my clothes are choosing women [Huh?] who have good taste and like to looking perfect.

For me, it is important thing to do what I love. I love to create something new. I always try to look prospects for the future. So I created the design of women’s lingerie.

I have higher education. I graduated from the University of Art and Design. These were unforgettable students years for me. Even in university I did the first and important step for my design of the future.

I live in a suburb of Warsaw in a fairly comfortable home. After my grandmother passed away, her house moved to me [Huh?!]. My mother and her younger sister live in Warsaw in apartment.

I like to embody my ideas into reality. I have an idea, and moreover, it is my dream. I want to work remotely for large corporations who make clothing as a designer. I see this a lot of pluses, It’s the dream of my life.

I love to learn new peoples and I love good and interesting people. I like to spend time outdoors, like leisure, travel and camping. I love the sun and the beach too! I love fruits. It’s my small weakness:) At night I prefer veal [Every night?!] and red wine.

I would be interested to know more about You. What do You do in life? Where do You work? Maybe You like to travel? Do You love to know new people? Do You like to spend time in a women’s company?

I have found You in my contacts. I saved it sometimes ago. Maybe Your contact is from any social network or from any other site. I don’t remember. But I have a note that You are From England.

I look forward to more detailed tale about You. Thanks for Your picture! [It’s a good one isn’t it?] I hope to hear Your reply soon. I wish You good mood! Write to me.

Sincerely, Eva.


From: stewie
Subject: RE: Hello again!
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 14:30:14

Hi Eva

Wow, I’m impressed that you specialise in lingerie. Do you have any photographs?

I am also amazed your grandmother’s house moved to you. In England it is normally people who move in to the houses, as the traffic is bad enough without houses blocking the roads.

I studied at the University of Life in the School of Hard Knocks and graduated with honours! I have furthered my education in prison, which has taught me a lot.

I am disturbed that you eat veal every day. What’s wrong with you? That’s sick. But I am willing to overlook that as you seem attractive and easily lead, which is my ideal woman, even if you are a calf killer.

I can absolutely assure you that, aside from being an animal lover, I love to spend time with women. I would like you to embody your ideas into my body!

Do you receive any good quality porn offers in your inbox? If so, send them on to me. Devil This is great, I can’t wait to receive your next email – I’ve got a good feeling about you!



Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 00:46:18 +0200
To: stewiejtSubject: Hey how are you today?

Hello Stewie,

It’s very sunny and it makes me happy. How is weather there?

I want to offer my apologies for this late reply [Only 3 days!]. There were hard days, but I figured out with all my affairs. Now I have time to write You a lot!

Today I decided to go to my mom after work. During dinner we watched old family photos. There were so many memories…photography when I did my first steps, Christmas and other holidays and our family trips.

My mother and father were scientists. They did a research on rivers and lakes in Poland and beyond. In my childhood I have several times taken on camping and now I know that it’s not romantic. This is great work! It is up to parents I learned dedication and patience.

Why are You was in jail? What have You done? By the way about the veal. I love to eat veal and I also love Italian food.

What impression do You have about me? I ask You to send me more your photos. I would also like to hear more about You. You can ask me any questions. I will always answer You.

Now I’m going to sit down to work. I left complete the last details of my design collection. I worked on these past 4 months.

Write me. I will wait for Your answer. Have a nice day!

Sincerely, Eva


From: stewie
Subject: RE: Hey how are you today?
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:26:47

Hi Eva

When you say that you have figured out all your affairs, you’re talking about men aren’t you? Am I not the only man in your life? I hope not, as all I want is for a good relationship with a girl and a happy future life in a big house in the countryside, with lots of kids. I’ve always loved goats.

I wish you’d stop mentioning eating veal. If we get that house together in the future, the goats will be for petting and cuddling only. And gentle caressing. But nothing illegal. And not for killing.

I was sent to jail on a case of mistaken identity for a crime I didn’t commit. Just like the A-Team. I shouldn’t have been punished for a natural act of affection and love.

My impressions about you? I think you’d look great with a bit more make-up and you’re obviously slim which is great. Can you send me photographs of you in your lingerie? I’d like to see your work.

Can you dance the mazurka? I love Polish folk dancing. In lingerie.

Message me soon!





From: stewie
Subject: RE: Hey how are you today?
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 11:06:21

Hi Eva

How are you? Why haven’t you replied to my last email – was it something I wrote? I’d love to hear from you. I have a special present waiting for you.




Over a month and still no reply… what is something I said?

37 thoughts on “Another Internet Girlfriend

  1. LMAO, that is brilliant, I love the comment
    I am also amazed your grandmother’s house moved to you. In England it is normally people who move in to the houses, as the traffic is bad enough without houses blocking the roads.
    Have shared it on FB. 🙂

  2. A nice chap like you and she didn’t reply??? Oh darling my heart goes out to you!!!!!

    I loved it!!!! Thanks for the chuckles today!

  3. I have one question – where are you registered that you get these “girlfriends? It is all very well to dally as you do, but I want to know why you are fishing in such ponds in the first place!!!!

    • I’m not registered – some of their spam emails make it to my spam folder, others are passed on to me from friends who have been spammed. Bizarrely, the Irina and Gustav Fluffi emails made it into my work email inbox! So much for security…

  4. I need more internet girlfriends in my life, though I’m aiming for someone from Ukraine.

  5. ciao
    Very nice and helpful

    Now her name is Sonia (

    id photos, letters and so on are the same.

    I answered her with one of your letters. she never replied 🙂


    • Ciao back. Maybe she thought it was me again! Her name is Sonia? So she lied to me 😦 How could she…

  6. Hi!
    I become also many letters and mayby 30 photos from evahola!!

  7. but who is this girl? what she wants? she sends mails to everyone? or it is only spam mails? whats her intention?

    • This ‘girl’ does not exist! It’s just someone from a gang who tries to gain the trust of gullible men before sending a request for money for plane tickets, cost of medical bills for her mother, or something else that isn’t true and is just a scam.

  8. what that people(the scammers) want?bank counts?
    they ask you for that?

    • I think they will ask for cash to be transferred via Western Union or something similar, once they have gained your trust. I’ve never got to that stage as they ether realise I’m making fun of them or I decide to make it obvious as they are too stupid to notice.

      Are you getting ideas?

  9. try to make her confident and make these kind of guys go to jail.;)
    people like that dont deserve to breathe

    • Unfortunately no-one really polices the internet, so this sort of thing goes on without them being caught. That’s why I like to annoy them for a while, so that they see that not everyone is stupid enough to fall for their tricks. In fact, they are falling for my act!

  10. I got a person who calls her self Waleria Kowaleski who sent me the exact emails as Eva. The university graduate, gramma leaving her house, a lingerie designer, the hole 9 yards. Anyway I’ve been playing the game for 3 months waiting for the scam….mind you I have asked for her phone number numerous times to talk, asked 200 questions and not one was answered.
    The poor English until it came time to see if I could be scammed her English was fine….told me buyer for her lingerie line was an American in India making plans to have her lingerie line sewn.
    She or gang, mobsters said he couldn’t send Western Union from India and it would cost her 1000’s to get money…BUT IF I GAVE HER MY BANK ACCOUNT INFO NUMBERS ROUTING NUMBERS EVERYTHING BANK NAME ADDRESS AND PREFERRED CHECKING ACCOUNT she would have him send me her money to me and she could trust me to send it to her….I told her not happening but you can go to your bank and give him a wire transfer from his account to yours and you would get your money. Which is 100% true …5 days later she writes I had bad internet connection and lost your messages. You could tell in persons tone they were getting more lovey dove stuff and how can I come to America and vacation with you if you don’t help. Asked again for all my bank account information etc.
    I then filled out fake financial form showing I had 5 million in bank and told her it was settlement for bad car accident and sent her copy saying I had 5.3 million at financial institution and couldn’t give her my account numbers on internet…
    That was yesterday I am waiting for persons next step.
    I tracked ISP have a house address I told her I had birthday present and got address.
    We never spoke person never answered one question I asked but was falling in love with me and she was coming to States to spend 3 weeks on vacation w me…photos she sent 3-4 every email where hot I mean hot 22-26 year old blonde babe ….Using story above almost to the letter.
    I have gave Warsaw Poland police all information haven’t heard from them plus F.B.I cyber crimes unit.
    Waiting for her to devise plan for my pretend 5 million.
    I figured as long as person was waisting time on me they couldn’t have time to scam someone else. So I am playing dumb idiot hoping police will find them and toss asses in jail I saved everything in case… Anyway uses name Waleria Kowaleski email is – feel free to mess with her spread info and story please to protect people who don’t know better… From Warsaw Poland supposedly… John

    • Wow, you really went for it! Everything happens within a few weeks for me, when I string them along. Typical that the police can’t be bothered to do anything. I once had a Nigerian scammer call my phone (I used to have my number in the signature of my email). He didn’t even hide his number, so I passed it on to Yahoo as he had hacked my account. I’d bet that nothing happened…

  11. Lera/Waleria Kowaleski is Scam artist ……poses as lingerie designer from Warsaw Poland… I put wrong emails do to spell check right ones are and and This is only way I have to warn people looking for person and scam Google and Yahoo search pick person up…Thanks
    She wants your bank account info or wants to launder money thru your account… I contacted Warsaw police and nothing traced email addresses one in Poland one Germany one in Florida…. Please any help or knowledge of way to punish people please respond…. I filed w FBI Warsaw Poland police and I’m still playing dumb person still writes asking for bank account information…. I baited person w fake 5.3 million $$$ account paperwork to keep them interested till I can get authorities to jail them….it’s all they do 12 hrs a day is look for suckers I have pictures to post if anyone knows how I can get website and info on this scam….I’ve tried other sites but they want me to pay $$$$ to inform those searching for Lera or Waleria…nothing was on internet until this site allowed me to put information…. Thank You….

    • Wow, I ran into the same girl, with the same grandma, with the same Ideas. I played the game for a while just waiting for the let down. Low and behold it happened. she needs my bank info. My thoughts were EFFFFFF YOUUUUUU !!!!
      The sad thing about this is some hot blonde got her pics stolen probably from her social networking site. Thats to bad

      • Hey Id like to see what pics you got. Let me know so we can do an exchange and maybe we can help this poor girl who got her pics robbed from the internet. I got the home address inn Poland too, maybe its a lead..

          • Hey guy stalked by Lera if you give me your email I’ll send you pictures she sent me…did u get the smokin hot one of her in bikini at beach with sunglasses on she was standing under some thatch umbrella… Who even that is beautiful don’t begin to describe her….She always tells me she spends weekend with her mom….if I ask questions her internet connection is bad and lost me emails… I send her pictures of fake financial document saying I had 5 million from car accident settlement and she still writing… Address I got is 57 jagerski Warsaw Poland… I wrote the Polish police cybercrime unit three times gave them ISP provider 3 email addresses and address and no response I even called them ..nothing its best to spread her name on all search engines… I looked on Google in Poland couldn’t find a thing for her name.I asked for phone she avoided question… How dumb she or he think we are….person told me she was coming to vacation with me but we hadn’t spoken on phone… No girl is going to fly 6000 miles from Poland to US who knowing you… Period….I got distress message how she couldn’t get paid for her lingerie line unless I gave exact banking information and she preferred checking account…. I wrote her said my parents don’t know it you sure aren’t…. And said here’s what you do have buyer go to his bank and wire transfer money deposit to your bank you don’t need my information…. Of course she claims to have lost that message to… I figured if I could keep her busy wasting time on me she’d have a few less victims …I also couldn’t find a word on Lera Kowaleski or Waleria anywhere on web here or Poland… Till I found this site now if you search her you get directed here hopefully it will save some dumbass guy money if he’s smart enough to do search….I’ll send u letter pictures if you give me email to send them to…. Anyway happy you didn’t fall for bitch or person….one of emails the ertler- electro @ ISP for dude In Florida …one came up Polska Poland approximately 120 miles from Warsaw…. Anyway I did what I could people just can’t be so damn stupid and give these scam artists money….Tim

          • I put her on FBI cyber crimes site..person is in Poland talking with Russia won’t help hell Interpol and Warsaw police don’t care… Is free and no punishment to scam Americans as long as you are in foreign country… People just need to wise up a hot smoking Polish babe who is lingerie designer isn’t going to fall in love w 99.9% of American men….Wise up guys your thinking w wrong head….

          • Stew is it do you have ability to post photos if I sent them to you… A few are damn fine keep those for yourself… Seems one guy found about Lera on here I’m sure more will come you put her into Google and Yahoo it directs you here..I tried numerous scam online sites I wasn’t joining and paying to do society a favor and warn them about stuff they should figure out in a email or two…Amazing how gullible and ignorant guy’s are to a beautiful woman posing as a potential friend and lover….

          • I have more photos as well, but I thought they weren’t appropriate for publishing! I think people will get the idea without the need to see all of her raunchy photos.

          • I got good classy one just few a hot what ever you want to do no problem… Thanks for help… M

  12. Got scammed by a girl from Warsaw, (supposedly), named Silia Nowicki. When she eventually wanted bank info, and I asked her to send me an EXACT pic of her in front of her “store” her emails stopped. You can figure this out…

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