Revenge Of The Ex-Employees

hmv-tweetsLast week saw the rather amusing consequence of a poorly run company, that fails to evolve in an ever-changing market, fall into the hands of administrators who, whilst sharpening their hatchets to make the necessary job cuts, failed to notice that disgruntled employees had vented their fury via the medium of Twitter.

Of course, I am referring to the music and games retailer HMV; a company that in its wisdom presumably decided that digital downloads were a passing fad and that large high street stores made good business sense. They did well to last as long as 2013.

The tweets that quickly went viral and were picked up by the media can be seen on the left. They were of course deleted once management became aware of the bad publicity. But the damage was already done.

Much more funny than these tweets is something that I stumbled upon recently. An ‘ambulance chasing’ company has the most ridiculous ‘testimonial’ on their homepage, that it can only have been left by a disgruntled ex-employee. This was to be found on – but assuming that they have now removed it permanently, here it is in all its glory (blue text on the right).

I have to be honest, this cracks me up every time I read it! And this also shows two things that seem quite obvious: 1) ‘Customer’ testimonials are often made up on the spot; and 2) Companies rarely bother to review their website content/design.

Of course, that is unless this testimonial is actually real. In which case I salute the bravery of this company in choosing to use such a graphic quote. And I’m happy that Mr. C. Eyley received the appropriate compensation. Nothing worse than a wet floor in a public convenience.

I tweeted this on Twitter on 31st January at 10.31am, and I see that it quickly went viral and was reported by a national newspaper by 2.54pm! So make sure you follow me on Twitter for exclusives! 😉

Now the site is closed. 😦 I’ve sent The Sun a message on Twitter thanking them for crediting me as a source… Oh wait, they didn’t. I’d expect nothing less from The Sun.

10 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Ex-Employees

  1. Oh, Stewie… it’s still there! Someone must check the back end (ahem) of that website, surely. Unless this is a brilliant spoof, of course. As for the HMV Twitter disaster, it’s proof positive, as if any was needed, that the combination of the digital age and their inability to keep up has stuffed it good and proper.

    • Yes, they haven’t checked the back end… 🙂 It’s not a spoof, it’s a real company!

  2. “Burst anus” hahahah! I’m glad it’s so absurd otherwise I’d be extremely uncomfortable thinking about that.

  3. Darn, that’s a shame.

    It’s weird that they said “a***”. It’s as if it said “arse”, or maybe arse would’ve been less vulgar?

    • That’s because it is a ‘family’ newspaper. Apart from the lurid exposés of politicians’ and sports men’s sex lives… And the semi-naked women… And the list goes on.

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