London Bids For The Gay Games

The official kit for the rugby caused some controversy

The official kit for the rugby caused some controversy

For those of you who may have missed it, London has made a determined bid to keep the Olympic legacy alive, by applying to host the 2018 Gay Games. Yes, this actually exists, I kid you not. The next ‘event’ will be held next year in Cleveland. And they actually think that there will be enough spectator interest to use some of the Olympic venues.

So what does the Gay Games actually involve? Perhaps games of ‘chase me’ or Twister? Or touch rugby? Well no, not those it seems. Putting aside silly stereotypes, it has a full array of sports such as cycling, football and golf. But also slightly unusual events such as rodeo and bodybuilding, as well as ‘Dancesport’, which apparently is competitive ballroom dancing. Well, if they have golf…

I dare say that most gay people would find the idea of a gay games slightly embarrassing. How about some inclusivity, rather than events exclusively for those of a particular sexuality? It’s not as though the Olympics are exclusively for heterosexuals. I can’t imagine any serious athletes will be involved, even though the Gay Games claims to have been ‘changing the world for over 30 years’.

According to their website, the prime objective of the Gay Games is ‘… to permit the process of discovery among the many groups within the gay community’. Hmm… how this would happen whilst competing in a sport?

Furthermore, they want to avoid the ‘… prevalent belief that “beating someone else” constitutes winning’ [it does].They ‘… wish to propagate the concept that “doing one’s best” creates an entire field of winners and redefines the notion of excellence’ [to include the non-excellent].

I hope that makes things clear. I know, it doesn’t really. To be fair, they do state that ‘competition’ is open to everyone. But why would heterosexuals choose to participate? Would men attend a Women’s Lib meeting? I think not.

6 thoughts on “London Bids For The Gay Games

  1. What was even more surprising than getting the games here was that there was little or no local opposition to bidding for it. In fact there was so little local fuss that I was not even aware of it until this week, even though the decision had been made all the way back in 2009 .

    • Maybe that shows what a tinpot event it is. Or maybe people are more enlightened in their opinions these days.

  2. Is it bad if I really want to watch “Dancesport”? I don’t really care if the participants are gay or not, I just like dancing. And prizes. I hope there are prizes.

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