A Discussion With A Prophet Of God

One of Apostle Jack’s paintings

Recently I had the good fortune to encounter a self-proclaimed messenger of God on the WordPress forum, who had submitted several posts in an effort to publicise his mission. He urged me to visit his blog for an in depth discussion. Who am I to turn down such a glorious opportunity? I dusted down the cape, visited his blog and read this post ‘The Last One’:

I am the LAST of the MAJOR CELESTIAL SPIRITS OF THE ALMIGHTY’S ETERNAL GODHEAD that was chosen and appointed by Him to come forth to receive:”The Passing of the Staff”.

The Passing of the Staff is a Biblical order of the next in line system,of which system is a lenage that the Almighty arranged for certain Major Spirits to come forth IN TURN,and at the TIME APPOINTED to FULFILL…to UVEIL…and to PROPHESY.

After which presentation and purpose thereof have been fulfill the staff is then in readiness to be pass to the next in line.Of which Major Celestial Spirits arranged and appointed by THE ALMIGHTY I am the next and THE LAST ONE that was chosen , appointed,and PREDESTINATED by Him TO COME FORTH TO THE WORLD.”

I thought it appropriate to make a comment:

Stewie says:

Please explain what you mean. Do you believe that you are a deity chosen by God?

apostlejack7 says:

In life there are those that was,those that are,and those that are predestine to come forth…..I am one predestine for these last days and future prophecy of world existence.

Certain knowledge was meant to be brought forth at a certain time span of our existence to be fulfill according to and concerning the words of the Angel to the prophet Daniel,in Daniel 12 v 4 in that…..”they shall run to and fro,and knowledge shall be increased”.
But he spoke not about science,materialism nor the increase of technology….but a “Spiritual Increase” of knowledge of which is now before you.

This is the time span that was spoken of by the Angel to the prophet Daniel according to Daniel 12 v 9…”the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
But he spoke not about the end of the world,but the end times of a certain time span of which,unknown to world population have now come to pass.

Unknown to world population we are Celestial spirits within terrestrial bodies(flesh) according to 1Cor 15 v 40,44 concerning our 2 bodies and according to “self experience” within these 2 bodies of our created existence…”flesh” and “spirit”.

I am the last one in line that was chosen and appointed by God to bring forth certain
“Spiritual Knowledge” to world population.The process thereof is call”The Passing of the Staff”.

The links you see will give you much added knowledge to this increase of “Spiritual knowledge Knowledge”

Stewie says:

I too hope that Predestine will come forth. It’s about time Israel recognised the rights of the Predestinians.

If you are the last one in line, does that make you the second coming of Jesus? Or are you the last in line, excluding the son of God? You’re not part of the extended family are you, like a nephew of God or perhaps foster child?

What do you mean by ‘passing of the staff’? I’ve passed stuff before – is it the same thing?

apostlejack7 says:

Did you read any of the links to this post as to what the knowledge is?I am the predecessor of Christ to prepare and present the process of His Coming.Read about this process.
I am the LAST of the MAJOR MESSENGERS before the 2nd coming of Christ.
The passing of the staff refer to the knowledge that was passed on from one Major spirit to another to carry on bible prophecy and the messages of the hidden and unknown knowledge that was not given to world population,but only to His chosen few.

Meanwhile, the forum posts continued, so I defended Apostle Jack from critical comments, receiving a blessing, no less:


@stewie Many spiritual blessing will surely come your way.The end justify the means.

Oh, what have I started?

I don’t take you for granted Jack. I’m interested in your viewpoint and I think that I could use you as a case study on a course that I am about to take… [in Forensic Psychology!] I often receive spiritual blessings at the weekend, also coincidently from Jack. And for every one I am grateful.

I have left another comment on your blog. I can learn from you.


I don’t look at you as an instigator my friend….but a hero.Everything good bring good consequences to the table .For one it brings to you another plate to the table of knowledge as pieces of a puzzle to make the picture thereof come more into view.
It’s like having more weapons and Armour on the that battle field of spiritual warfare than those with only a stick and a tooth pick to sustain them in this sin infested world of humankind.God have something good in store for you.You are one of the few that God have chosen to carry the torch of victory.You shall be the victor……and not the victim in this world of intelligent people.

Thanks Jack for your kind words and correct assumption that I am a hero. And for you, I dedicate this song in return:


But I feel that I am the instigator; I am the firestarter. I am the fear addicted, danger illustrated. So I appreciate your words of wisdom.

I think that we should continue this discussion on your blog, away from the heathens who will never understand, so I await your reply to my last comment.


You said it well. We cannot all go through the door at the same time. I only plant the seeds [huh?]……it is God that give the increase.

Back to his blog comments:

Stewie says:

Who were the previous messengers? I think that Kanye West may be one as he speaks of truth and understanding. Is it true that Justin Bieber is the anti-Christ? I always thought that the devil would hide behind a youthful face. Bieber is pure evil – it’s obvious.

How did you know that you were chosen? What is the timeline for the end of the world? Is it months or years?

Apostle Jack says:

The ones that I speak of as prior messengers is biblical such as: Noah,I saiah, Jeremiah, Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Ezekiel, and the 12 Apostles that God choose to bring forth certain messages to the world.
No, Justin Bieber is not the anti-christ. The definition of anti-christ is anyone who do not believe in Christ. 2 John v 7 The leader of the anti-christ is one of the 2 beast which is found in Revelation 13 v 6–8

I was born with 5 of the 9 gifts of God’s divine spirituality,and from those 5 gifts of the spirit He brought forth 19 other separate endowments of various titles of knowledge to my spirit as Armour to verify my Apostleship of His eternal Godhead. You can view them here:
Concerning a time line,there are many occurrences and events that are predestine to take place BEFORE one can look for the ending of the world.The 7 seals of Revelation must first come to pass,the great tribulation,the mark of the beast, the reestablishment of the church, the 1000 year regin, world warfare, world dictatorship,….just to name a few,…must first be fulfill before his return.
Where we are NOW in prophecy is concerning Daniel 12 v 4,7,9,10 …which is NOW BEFORE YOU.

Stewie says:

I get it, I think. So you claim to be well endowed and potent? I too feel like that when blessed by spirits at the weekend. Although I am often let down by my humble failings.

I am confused about having to wait for 7 seals of Revelation – surely a seal is a strange (and slow) creature to have to wait for? What is the spiritual significance of a seal?

The mark of the beast – is that Mikhail Gorbachev? He has a nasty mark and I’ve always has my suspicions about him, plus he is communist, which is Satan’s political wing.

By the way, your art is fantastic. Would you mind if I feature it, and your best words, in my blog at some point? I will reference your website of course.

apostlejack7 says:

Your humbleness here shall be rewarded,and not a failure.
Concerning the seals.Each time a seal is open it shall affect…world population.This increase of knowledge that is before you shall be no different.It shall cause…”world dilemma” because of this increase,such as shall be the effects of each seal that shall bring forth its own events and occurrences upon world population.

The spiritual significance of each seal shall affect the stability of each individual of humankind.
Some to perfect integrity of spirit,and all others to total domination of Satan.Perfect ability,perfect under stability of spirit,perfect unity that Adam and Eve had with God BEFORE they committed sin shall be the spiritual effects of the first of the 7 seals.Certain ones of this time span that we are in now shall be made examples of that spiritual integrity according to Daniel 12 v 3 and 10
Concerning the mark of the beast(unknown to world population) shall be a
‘spiritual image” beyond the mark of 666 of which Satan shall dominate most of the world which represent “dictatorship”.No one in these present times refer to the beast.

Thanks for viewing my Art.I am in the process of starting my own business concerning my works of art.I intent to put them on greeting cards,bumper stickers,t-shirts,and in frames to finance a bible school and church that I intend to organize to present the true Christian faith.As it is written, John 4 v 23 .The hour cometh and now is when the “True Worshipers” shall worship the Father in SPIRIT and in Truth;for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.

Concerning the feature of my art and words of inspiration I am most happy that God have inspired you to the task,and I would be glad for you to present it to the world, [great – that’s the copyright issue sorted] for so was I brought forth into this world to do so. I will be glad to see your ingenuity concerning this matter.Just keep me up to date.
I would like for you to explain to me about the weekend that you keep speaking of.Is it only for a day that you experience these blessings?

And last….the song “Hero” that you dedicated was “off the hook” and I enjoyed every word of it,and think that I will find myself listening to it everyday……because it made my day.

Godspeed to your spirit.

Stewie says:

Well I will certainly look out for these seals that you speak of. I had no idea of the influence they hold at their flippertips.

How can you be so sure that Justin Bieber or Mikhail Gorbachev are not the anti-Christ? For it is so writteneth that such a figure will exert an unfathomable influence on people. I can’t think of any other reason for Bieber’s popularity. He has over 33 million fans on Facebook! The rapture is starting, I tell you! Gorbachev has Satan’s marking. Maybe he is in league with Bieber?

If not, do you have your eyes on any potential anti-Christ figures in the public eye?

The spiritual influence that I feel is usually on a Friday or Saturday. Always at night. In the daytime I feel the comedown from such spiritual highs.

apostlejack7 says:

If the 2 men you mention don’t believe in Christ, then they are anti-christ and enemies of God.
If not …then they are not anti-christ.Either way,they are lost souls if they are not in repentance to God. A lot of high and mighty people is predestine to come forth at this time,but none of them will have a “World affect” as those in the future.It shall be a time of trouble that never was since the beginning of the world.
Now,concerning what is misinterpreted and call, rapture,there won’t be one.
Rapture is not found in the bible,it is a made-up title that came about because they misinterpreted “judgment day”.
The saying is that all God’s children shall rapture into heaven during the time span and events of the “Great tribulation” and we shall remain there for 7 years while the earth is punished,after which we shall return here on earth. Don’t believe it.
The scriptures that they refer to in the bible have a totally different in meaning and in no way verify their misguided thoughts.

All this is suppose to take place BEFORE the 2nd coming of Christ.But there is not one scripture in the Holy Bible that can verify this uneducated version and self-agenda of a total lie…in that we shall go to Heaven and come back,and then go again when Christ return.Don’t believe it.

You are the first to know this about the time span between NOW and the opening of the first of the 7 seals.
When this increase of “spiritual knowledge” that was given by God to my spirit concerning the words spoken by the Angel to the prophet Daniel shall be known to “WORLD POPULATION”
The first seal shall be around the corner.
This INCREASE is to prepare the WORLD so as to know and be told,whether they believe it or not.When it have progress to a certain point it then shall be time for Christ to open the first seal.
The EFFECTS of which shall AFFECT world population.That is when Satan shall be bound for a 1000 years(but not in the measurement of a 1000 years in the count of humankind) so as the Church can be RESTABLISHED.After which SAtan shall be set free,and woe to the inhabitants of the unprepared.
Atheist,and the anti-christ is an examples of the unprepared along with pretenders,and the corrupt Church and idolaters,………and such,…… shall feel the bite.

You will have to tell me more about your spiritual inspirations.What is the out come of each experience?

Stewie says:

I had another heavy session with spirits last night and I’m still feeling the after-effects today. But it has made things clear. I agree with you, Justin Bieber is evil and his influence is spreading. He already has millions of followers, entrapped by his youthful looks. I played his song ‘Baby’ backwards and found that there are hidden messages! I believe that this song encourages infanticide.

Clearly this anti-Christ must be stopped! I believe that I am the one for this job. I realise that I may get shot by a cop and I know that there are seals waiting around every corner, but I have no fear. If I am prevented from terminating Bieber, I will be back.

You may not hear from me in a while or you may see that I have achieved my goal in a news report. So any further advice will be gratefully received and taken on board.

apostlejack7 says:

My friend,you sound courageous and that is very good,but don’t trouble yourself with the matter.God is taking care of everything.All we have to do is focus on being an example for Him in this world.Atheist,the anti-christ,corruption,falsehood,paganism,dishonor,evil,negativity,and the crooked church,will not cease to be,it cannot be stop…..it was meant to be.They have a right to make their own choice,even though it is not a good choice,we cannot stop them from choosing,we can only present a better way,and a better choice in life.We can only plant the seeds,it is God that shall bring forth the increase,if there is any increase for them to have.Some will change,and some will not,some do and some don’t,and some will and some won’t.Everyone was not meant to be saved nor inter into Heaven.Matt 7 v 21… Phil …..3 v 18 The marjorty of the world will not make it.IT IS THE FEW OF US THAT SHALL carry THE TOUCH…we make the difference.Don’t stoop to the level of the devil to do and say what you have to do and say.
So let us have courage in glorifying God in this world,and not WE ourselves, and GOD will give us the tools we need to still the mouth of the gainsayers….THAT…..I AM SURE OF.

Stay strong . If you have any questions in life……my door is always open for you. I don’t want you to be without any needed knowledge so as you can be complete in the spirituality of the Almighty God ,and what He require of us in this world.

Stewie says:

Thanks for your support. You won’t hear from me for a while as I am going underground to plan a strategy. Would you believe that Justin Bieber’s followers have the nerve to call themselves Beliebers?

Don’t worry, if I get caught I will tell the police that I am not working alone. I will let them know that it was your idea. I know that you want the publicity.

I’m afraid of no seals! I will take poisoned fish as bait. And I will dedicate one last song for you!


Enjoy! And peace brother.

apostlejack7 says:

I don’t believe in self strategy,my strategy is from God.This is “SPIRITUAL WARFARE” and not “PHYSICAL WARFARE”.You will lose if you go with God. Don’t try and do what it is His Job to do.It is written that,my children are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.Knowledge is spiritual,and that is what shall win battles.WE GROW AS WE KNOW.It is written.Trust in the Lord with all your heart,and lean not unto thine own understanding.Don’t learn that the hard way. When a mans ways please the lord,He make even his enemies to be at peace with him and he shall go out with joy and lead forth with peace.
GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.Are you trying to follow God…or lead Him.Don’t give Satan the victory.

No need to worry Jack… my work here is done.

28 thoughts on “A Discussion With A Prophet Of God

  1. Oh. My. God. This is hilarious, but it also scares the crap out of me! I read this thread on the forums and loved your responses, but I didn’t know it got this crazy on his blog.

    Loved the videos, the seals comments, and above all, the word “writteneth.” You are so bad.

    • I couldn’t believe my good fortune in being granted a one-to-one with such a prestigious member of God’s chosen workforce. I hope that it was an insightful discourse. And so it was writteneth, ‘… that blessed are the seals who shall inherit the Earth’. Or something like that.

  2. I PROTEST! There seems to be sexism afoot on the question of those who can be, should be, may be or are the anti-christ.

    WHERE are the women candidates?

    • I think that the evidence is clear. Bieber’s music clearly has satanic overtones. And undertones. If you play it backwards whilst listening underwater (keep the power cord out of the water) you can clearly hear the devil’s call to arms. His legions of ‘fans’ are clearly hypnotised and willing to obey his command. He is just biding his time before attacking all talented musicians, and then the world will be in the End Times. He has a forked tongue.

      Gorbachev has the mark of the beast.

      As for sexyism, I vote for Katy Perry.

  3. I’m showing my total noobism by replying to your comment on my blog, on here, rather than on my blog itself… ‘cus I actually have no idea how to do that, and figured that rather than sitting there and crying about it for about four hours, it would be less traumatic to write it here instead. I hope you don’t mind! 😉

    I just wanted to say, firstly, thank you for your comment, and YES! If I ever get sent to prison as a result of trying to physically attack someone (the usual outcome), I shall endeavour to not get shanked and instead savour all the horror and mirth to blog relentlessly when I get released in 20 years time. Of course by that time, the world may have succumbed to the impending zombie apocalypse, and it would all be useless, but at least when the zombies are feasting on my brains, I can tell them some good stories.

    And just to say again as on the forum, your blog is awesome! I shall come by and visit again soon when I have grown tired of punching people… see you around! 😀

  4. 0_0 I don’t know if I just learned something or if I just lost a little faith in the world. I hope this guy makes it on TV one day. Crazy thing is… he’s actually not a bad painter.

  5. “I was born with 5 of the 9 gifts of God’s divine spirituality.” Only five? He’s not that special then, is he?

    His painting is really good, though. Great use of colour. Perhaps God is channeled through him after all.

    • Just counted, and I think I have 6 gifts of God’s divine spirituality. A guy I met at the pub reckons he has all 9, so Apostle Jack can’t be that special. Actually no, sorry, the man in the pub said he had drunk all 9 spirits that they had on sale.

  6. These words “stuck out” in my mind: Staff and Godhead. Made me think lots of things and none of them were celestial or heavenly. I believe in freedom of religion. The comments exchange are hilarious. Forensic Psychology … lol … lmao …

  7. I didn’t read this post word for word, but that guy seems a bit fucked up, not to put too fine a point on it.

  8. I am giving up with talking to him. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but he is starting to scare me a little. 🙂

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