Staying Sober For October

imagesI’ve finally decided that I’ve had enough of the booze. Not permanently though. Hell no! But I just feel that I should really push myself and aim to go for a full month of abstinence. I have done this before, but that was during my studies, so it wasn’t a real test. I barely went out!

Also, I didn’t have a girlfriend then. This time I do, so she will undoubtedly want to have the odd tipple. I will be the killjoy. And, let’s face it, it’s no fun drinking on your own and facing judgemental looks from your partner.

It’s time to listen to my body. I’ve forgotten how to moderate my drinking since I moved to London. The variety of options and expendable income make the demon drink just too tempting. Since I’ve grown older my hangovers have got worse, to the point where I commonly receive a visit from my old nemesis Captain Chunder the ‘morning after’. And he’s a real bastard.

Part of me wants to find out if I really do need alcohol to enjoy a night out. Surely such a perceived need means that the evening is not very fun. It should compliment a good night out, not be a substitute for a bad one.

I want to have a permanently clear mind. I would love to open up the full weekend for exercise. I will have no excuse not to go to the gym or for a run. More importantly, I want to take ownership of my drinking and not feel obliged to follow social conventions, just for the sake of it. Of course, after this month, I will still have the odd tipple, and the occasional big night out. But why not have more booze-free weekends?

It’s time to grow up. I’ve partied enough – been there done it. Drinking has become a chore. It’s time to break the pattern. I will let you know how it goes…

12 thoughts on “Staying Sober For October

  1. Oh man, this would be HARD. Esp bc I work in a drinking office. Like, we drink in the office (it’s Russia. It’s television). I would need to pick a really proper month – not a lot of social engagements, office birthdays, and good weather would be a must.

      • We’re a creative team, we need, um, inspiration. Also, it’s a tradition to throw a birthday party for your department (here or to bring foreign booze back when you travel – for work or for fun. And of course we have the emergency stash of Jameson etc for those high-pressure days (and evenings). Oh, and a beer at lunch when we go out for lunch…

  2. You’re at the half way point in this Stoptober month. How are you getting on?

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