Pretend Olympic VIPs

The start of the 400m hurdles from ‘our’ seats

Regular readers will be aware of my recent delight at having obtained a ticket for the Olympic athletics this week. My regular travel buddy Big Boy saw fit to offer me the much sought after ticket once his first choice declined his offer… And his second choice failed to come back to him. I guess that makes me the bronze choice?

This wasn’t the first Olympic event for either of us. I had attended four, so I was conscious that it was likely that we could ‘upgrade’: locate some empty seats and pretend that they were ours. Until the ticket holders turned up Continue reading

Getting into the Olympic Spirit

Shock at the Olympic torch relay in London, as an innocent man’s head is set alight in an unprovoked attack

I’ve already made my feelings clear about what I feel is the over-commercialisation and money-grabbing attitude of the London 2012™ Olympics in a previous post. From the ridiculous complicated ticketing process, to the draconian legislation relating to the use of certain key words and phrases for marketing purposes, including the removal of company logos from toilets! It just didn’t seem like the true Olympic spirit.

It’s not that I wasn’t looking forward to the sporting spectacle. There’s nothing I appreciate more than the sight of intensely toned athletes, exerting every last ounce of energy, Continue reading

The Fashion Of Tomarrow

In the news this week it was reported that the coming months will see the latest fashion trend of fruit and vegetable print dresses. Now, I’m not the most fashion conscious of people I must admit, but the prospect of seeing women walking down the road dressed like a display from a greengrocer’s did make me raise an eyebrow.

But it seems that it is something that we may have to get used to. Here are some designs available soon from the trendiest retailers:

Freshly grown in her allotment

Continue reading

Brick By Name, Brick By Brain?

The unwitting star of the internet this week is the “award-winning” TV producer, writer and journalist Samantha Brick who has managed to alienate almost everyone with her articles on her experiences as a “pretty” woman with “a pleasing smile”.

Her first article for The Mail describes how she regularly has bottles of bubbly sent to her table in restaurants from strangers, whilst other men have presented her with flowers, paid for her taxi fare or bestowed other gifts upon her. And the reason why? Her “lovely looks”.

But all is not well. It seems that other women are envious of her good looks and hold over men. She’s been dropped by friends who are worried that their husbands fancy the idea of cementing a sexual liaison with Brick. And her attractiveness has also caused her to be overlooked for promotion at work. But, worse of all, she has never been asked to be a bridesmaid by her friends. Oh, the horror! Continue reading

There’s A Hole In My Pipeline, Dear Liza

One of Thames Valley Water’s reservoirs in Kent

For those who may have missed the news, it appears that the South East of England is suffering from a drought. Stop sniggering at the back. It’s true, our green and pleasant land TM  is now, it seems not so green in certain parts.

At least, that is what Thames Valley Water company would have us believe. It’s been in the news so it must be true. Those of you living outside of the UK may baulk at the suggestion that any area of the UK can possibly experience drought conditions. London records 4.9cm of rainfall per month on average, whilst Dubai has 10.7cm. Per year. And they seem to manage. Continue reading

Phoebe’s Boyfriend in Neocolonialism Scandal

This week the actor Sean Penn made some controversial claims about British neo-colonialism, with reference to the Falkland Islands. These are not, as you may think, an island theme park dedicated to the memory of Columbo actor Peter Falk. And just one more thing…

What Penn (perhaps best-known for his guest appearance as Phoebe’s boyfriend in Friends) neglected to realise, is that the Falkland Islands has been an overseas territory of Britain for longer than California has been a part of the USA. So maybe it is he who is playing the neo-colonialist, as his Malibou estate is on territory that was stolen from Mexico! Why doesn’t he enter negotiations with the Mexicans to return his property to its rightful owners?

Penn claims that sending Prince William to the Falkland Islands, gives out a message of intimidation. Not sure how. I guess he must find the sight of a search and rescue pilot just a little scary. Really Sean, the prince is just there to help. Continue reading

Blank Canvas For Sale

This month sees the auction of Turner Prize-winning Bob Law’s ‘Nothing To Be Afraid Of V 22.8.69’ work of art, which is expected to reach £60,000. This minimalist work (pictured left) demonstrates ‘… the seductive idea of nothing to a canvas, and asks the viewer to reflect’, according to the official Bonhams catalogue.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone shares such positive opinions. In fact, when I first viewed the work, in a photograph on a page of a newspaper, I was initially impressed that the artist had managed to subtly show a faint image of a man in the work. Then I realised that I was actually viewing an image from the next page of the newspaper through the paper!

More interestingly, does the fact that it is entitled ‘Nothing To Be Afraid Of V’ mean that it is one of a series of five such works?! I would love to see the journey to show how the artist has progressed from his first work to the fifth one seen here. Continue reading