The Fashion Of Tomarrow

In the news this week it was reported that the coming months will see the latest fashion trend of fruit and vegetable print dresses. Now, I’m not the most fashion conscious of people I must admit, but the prospect of seeing women walking down the road dressed like a display from a greengrocer’s did make me raise an eyebrow.

But it seems that it is something that we may have to get used to. Here are some designs available soon from the trendiest retailers:

Freshly grown in her allotment

An exquisite marrow print dress

Who would mind playing the gooseberry, if you looked this good?

Yes, lovely carrot, marrow and gooseberry dresses. Or the first one may actually be chilli peppers. Not sure about that one.

Of course, such a stunning range of dresses needs additional items to go with them:

Pork chop jacket - goes well with the peas and potatoes range

But don’t worry, if the thought of wearing something with a dead animal on it upsets your sensibilities, this new fashion craze is inclusive, so there is also a range of Linda McCartney vegetarian option print dresses:

Both stylish and kind to animals

And it seems that men will soon catch on, as there are rumours of some rather fetching designs to ensure they are not left out of the style stakes. Here is one exclusive design:

Rhubarb jacket - looks best when worn with the custard range

So there you have it. All of these items will be on sale for the summer, so pre-order now!

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7 thoughts on “The Fashion Of Tomarrow

  1. I love that DG pepper dress (and that whole collection). And that asparagus jacket is very preppy indeed! 😉

      • Why thank you… but really, sometimes I just cant help myself with whimsical prints, no matter how I look in the end 🙂

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