The Case For & Against Tattoos

Tattoos… you either love or hate ’em it seems. Maybe it seemed a good idea when you were drunk to have a ‘W’ tattooed on each butt-cheek so that when you bend over it reads ‘WOW’ but the chances are that you’re not so sure in the cold light of day. And is it ever a good idea to permanently mark your skin with the name of a partner, because you’re so in love? Get a puppy or something! Then once you split up it will be a comfort to whoever is left as its owner. But it won’t last forever to remind you of your sad mistake.

It’s not that I don’t understand the attraction of having a really unique, well designed tattoo. Hell, I even understand (kind of) that some people may get off on the pain of the needle. And clearly, many people love the attention that their tattoos give them. Why else would you tattoo a teardrop on your face? Oh right, to show that you are sensitive? Aah, bless your little cotton socks. Continue reading

I Celebrate My Inner Man-Child

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play” said Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher. Amen to that brother. I’ve been accused of failing to act my age or be responsible, yet in my mind, the people that say this are often jaded with life, unhappy with the choices that they’ve made and jealous of my marriage-free, child-free, debt-free, er… freedom. I’m certainly not anti-those things and I can’t help it if I find it impossible to see a space hopper and not bounce around the garden on it. Admittedly though, it’s probably wrong to push my niece and nephew out of the way to get to it first. I’m much bigger and should control my excitement, but space hoppers are ace. I still can’t resist kicking my way through fallen leaves and I’m still fascinated by insects and snails – some species can actually mate with themselves! If I was a snail, I think I’d have a large family… Continue reading

Guide to Speed Dating For Ladies

1. You’ve finally decided to give speed dating a try, but don’t whatever you do attend an event on your own. That’s far too scary even though you’re an adult. It makes much more sense to invite as many friends as possible to increase the competition that you will have for the attentions of the few nice men that will be there. In fact why not invite some of your attached friends? Men love competing for unavailable women, thereby wasting an opportunity with the available ones. But at least it’ll be fun, right?

2. Your most important goal is to ascertain how good a job your dates have. This is an essential question to ask. There’s no point in being attracted to a man and enjoying his company if he won’t be able to provide for you and your future children together. Continue reading

Northern Monkeys

Around the World Trip: Thailand (part 2)

Since my last post I have crammed a lot in as I’ve travelled north. Same same, but different as the Thais would say (no I don’t understand either!).

So after one too many Chang beers in Ayutthaya (that stuff is strong), I caught the night train to Chiang Mai. Met other travellers straight away which was a relief after the solitude of big bad Bangkok. I saw some more temples in the day before meeting the others for a meal in the evening, in a restaurant complete with the man-and-synthesiser dodgy cabaret that is so typically Thai. I’ll never complain about Westlife cover versions again! Continue reading