To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

That is the question. Those eagle-eyed of you, and I’m sure there are many, may have noticed the shiny new social media links on the right hand side menu; therein making it quite clear what my stance is. Yes, I am firmly embraced in a loving clinch with Twitter and Facebook, afraid that if I let go and fail to heap enough attention, those demanding social media bitches will leave me wanting more. Needing more.

You see, that’s the thing with social media websites. You may resist for a while, then eventually succumb and open an account. And that’s when the pain starts. Sure, you can input the bare minimum of information and spread the word a little, hoping that your friends will do the evangelising for you.

But then comes a time when you realise that maybe, just maybe, your friends and acquaintances are not actually that influential, so you will have to put in some elbow grease, and actually exert time and energy into making your Twitter and book of faces pages exactly how you want them, and how the online guides say they should be.

Because once you’ve set up these links to the world of social media, the last thing you want is to have a handful of followers. It’s just embarrassing. Just like if you volunteered to foster a child and, when you take him home, you find out that his worrying habit of headbutting the wall is bothering the neighbours and interrupting the arguing on Eastenders, you can’t just change your mind. It’s essential to keep plugging away, trying to boost the numbers, as each additional follower is yet another link in the chain. The more links, the quicker the numbers will grow larger still. And so on.

So why should you like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter? Apart from pity? Well, because it’s a great way to stay in touch with latest posts and the content will also be different. Such sites allow for the kind of spontaneous, short bursts of creativity that would look out of place on this blog. I promise to only Tweet interesting and/or amusing statements. You will never know what I’ve just eaten for breakfast. Unless it is truly bizarre, of course. Like an ostrich egg.

I will also re-tweet the best comments from those funny and insightful people who I follow. Which could be you! Yes, I will reciprocally follow or like anyone who does likewise to me. A little bit of mutual back scratching goes a long way.

So what you waiting for? Go on, like me and Twitter me up. You know you want to.

16 thoughts on “To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

  1. I haven’t signed up to Twitter, because I think it can only work properly if you have a smartphone for rapid response to news events and your millions of followers. And I don’t have a smartphone. But I will have a smartphone, once I get over my resentment at having to pay for an iPhone (for that is what Pie wants), as well the pocket burning monthly tariff for the next two years. Then, you’ll need to brace yourself, sir, as I will be all over you like a rash.

    • I don’t have a smart phone. You can text tweets from your phone. It costs the same as a standard text message. Do it – everyone needs a slice of pie!

  2. I can see that breakfast query is really getting to you! To tell you the truth Stewie, I don’t really understand how this FB / Twitter increases that much apart from being another flea on the neck of a hairy dog. I am prepared to do a deal with you – I shall follow you on twitter if you can be bothered to find and follow me first! You know you want to. Plus, I don’t want to know what anyone has for breakfast either.

    • I just find inane comments and discussions annoying! I searched under your name and your site name yet I couldn’t find you! You need to tell me your ID!

      • To tell you the truth I am not sure what my ID is but the invitation exists in the sidebar of my blog. I set it up ages ago, before blog life, forgot all about it etc etc

    • I think I’m starting to understand it better. For someone who doesn’t like Twitter, you certainly seem to be using it regularly!

  3. LOL!!! Brutally honest! I love it!!!

    I signed up for Facebook and for Twitter simply to pimp my blog.You mean you didn’t want to know I am going to have eggs and English muffins for breakfast this morning? Geesh! What is this world coming too!!!!!!

  4. I get some traffic from Twitter–on the days I use it. Throwing some slightly uninteresting tidbits out there helps, believe it or not. I think people take you more seriously if you participate more, no matter how dumb the tweet. It is embarrassing to have so few followers, though. 50! whoo-hoo. My husband, dear that he is, asked, “What 50 people would want to follow you on Twitter?” He’s my greatest support system. My rock.

    • I only wish I had a husband who could support me like yours. Or as a preference, a wife who would offer much more support. I only have 23 followers but I have only taken it seriously for 2 weeks. Random people have started following me. God (or Apostle Jack) knows why or how they found me!

      • Ah, the husband’s not so bad. He just hates Twitter and thinks its for arrogant celebrities who think the world wants to know when they scratch their backsides. He doesn’t see me as that type, which is a VERY good thing. I always wonder where those random people come from, as well. Only Apostle Jack knows. Why not hop on over to his blog and ask him?

  5. I’m not a big fan of Twitter. I have an account but will probably close it someday. It has a lot of useful stuff depending on who you follow .. but I think for me it’s a bit of an information overload. I’m missing Facebook a bit but I won’t be back on it for a good while – needed to get back into real life again!

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