Moses and the Unquenchable Fire

Helpfully pointing out where the world is located

Moses from the New Hope Ministry posted on the WordPress forum in an effort to publicise his rather radical mission, whilst condemning non-believers. Who am I to turn down such a request from such a fair-minded and liberal individual?

Here is his interview. I’m sure you’ll agree it makes perfect sense.

Or it might confuse you. One or the other.

Your website states that ‘This site is not for dating, it is the site for the word of God’ – have people mistaken New Hope Ministry for a site that helps lonely singles? What is your opinion of people who use those sites?

(a) People ware posting dating and sexy web addresses on my blog so i decided to write down the instruction of my blog, because my blog is only for the work of God.

I think you’ll find that’s known as spam Moses.

(b) My opinion for those who uses dating sites, i advise them to stop using those site because it is the detestable in God’s presense. but for the Singles web sites who are looking for marriage it is not bad to use them, but this is not the perfect way to find out your patner for marriage.

Yeah, tell me about it…

Because you do not know about the one who you gonna have marriage with him/her. but Bible says the good wife comes from the Lord, so sometimes you can foind your patner through Internet its ok.

You also mention that your ‘purpose is to reach out the Hopeless peoples’ – who are the Hopeless peoples and why do you feel the need to reach out to them?

Yes my purpose is to reach out the hopeless peoples, peoples who are living without hope of their feuture life. peoples who has gave up of life. so after we reach them we preach the Gospel too them then they receive jesus and Jesus changes their life from the Hopeless life to Hopeful life.

In a recent post you describe the ‘sicks of Tanzania’ and mention that your first president said “We dig a pit, we slaughtered a goat, the blood of goat was poured into that pit, then i jumped over that pit, then elders they said the kingdom of colonies has now ended. after there we got the freedom.”

Makes perfect sense. 

You describe this as ‘satanic ways’. In what ways does Satan influence society? Is he responsible for the sicks?

Yes what a president did is an satanic way! by that way Satan influences society. You know God said to the Israeltes if you will never obey me i will bring diseases upon you. so the president and his government does not respect God, so now you see people re sick but there is doctor in hospital. so this is responsible for the sicks.

Wise words.

Many people think that societies problems stem from sex before marriage and homosexual behaviour. Do you think this is fair? What are your thoughts on these – are they sins and if so, what should be done about them?

Some times yes sometimes no, do you why?

You’re bisexual?

Sex before marriage is an article which destroys the behavior of every person who did so, but this is a party of destruction system, but the major is, this is the End times, so th world is goin down to perish, and bibles says the rebellions will increase on the end times. so you see now this generation is advancing in corution.

God has already described the punishment for the sexual immorality, Bibles says its punishment is Jehanum  – the unquenchable fire.


So every body who is doing that must be thrown into that fire to suffer there forever.

You quote a passage: ‘The Lord Said “Stay into and i into you, as a branch it never produce if it stays alone, so you without me you will do nothing” This is the wise words Jesus spoke to his people.’

Are you sure that Jesus said this? I’m not sure I understand. It sounds like a case of fusiform rust which can be treated by a good tree surgeon. 

I am sure hundred percent Jesus spoke these words, because the bible is the Holly book so it cnn’t speak lie.

Is holly growing in Tanzania? What are your tips for helping it flourish?

Yes the Holly are growing in Tanzania, not only in Tanzania, but all over the world there is. I have no any tip to help its flourish, but only God will flourish them.

Are you saying that people suffer from diseases as a punishment for their sins? If so, how come obvious evil people, like Gadaffi never came down with a terminal case of man flu?

Yes sometimes men suffers from diseases as the punishment for their sins, but not every body who is suffering is the punishment sometimes its other reasons. for the rebellion men such as Gadafi to escape from flu, it is no the matter that he was escaped the punishment from God, because God punishes in several ways, but do not go far away from Gadaffi, look at his death! he was killed! that was the punishment, Bibles says every job of the world the wage is in the world.

I’m not sure I follow?

So Gadaffi rebelled the Lord but what he received is death by the hands of his enemy. he killed the king who was reigning before him and he took his throne as a king but the rest of Gadaffi is the same he did on a king before him.

What will happen at Armageddon? Do you feel that the 1998 film starring Bruce Willis was an accurate portrayal of what will happen?

I am sorry, i do not know anything about Armageddon nor Bruce Willis, so i can’t answer anything about it.

No worries. Thanks for your time.

Thank stewie for your interview, God Bless you so much. Where are you from? How old are you? Please become a christian then join us on our ministry New Hope Ministry, will be very happy for God and for my self. stay safe my dear friend.

I’m 36 and from London.

You did not answer my application for you! i asked you to join us in our faith to trust that Jesus will save us from the destructing world.

Oh, that’s right, you did.

please answer me stewie. I like you so much.

I like you too Moses. I am happy to dust down my cape and join you and your gang in your fight to save the world from destruction. Just name the time and place and I’ll be there faster than you can say ‘kryptonite’.

Or maybe I could start a London ‘branch’? I very much like holly and would be happy to plant some…

2 thoughts on “Moses and the Unquenchable Fire

  1. Praise Jesus, how are you stewie? i was trying to reach several times, but i did not get you right, i am some worried about you! of course i need to know about what we was taliking about through the E-mail, you said you will start an New Hope Ministry London Branch. so please let me know how are you doing with that program. i like you stewie my friend.

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