Man vs. Woman and Child

At the end of another busy week, I made my way home as usual, catching the Tube one stop to my connecting overground train. As the train pulled into the station, I made my way to the doors and prepared to disembark and begin the speed walk through the throngs of commuters.

Suddenly I felt a sharp kick on my leg and looked around to see a small girl with her mother. Never mind, kids are so clumsy at that age. But then, seconds later, I felt another kick and turned back to see the same girl scowling as she looked up at me. She couldn’t have been more than 8 years old, but for some reason she thought it appropriate behaviour to kick me for absolutely no reason.

Her mother caught sight of me looking at her daughter, and with the same scowl that clearly is a family trait, shouted at me: “WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?”. Well, your child is kicking me. “So what?” she responded.

Feeling somewhat indignant at this point, I told her that she needed to learn how to control her kid, as I made my way out of the carriage and onto the platform. This was met with a verbal outburst that I couldn’t quite make out, but I think it was something like: “I contest your assertion. She is merely expressing her displeasure about the subjugation of the working classes by the white-collar bourgeoisie.”

Be that as it were, I had no intention of engaging her in Marxist debate at this point, and merely said that I felt sorry for her daughter to have a mother like her, thus giving her little chance of success in life. A couple of paces later and, unbelievably, I felt another kick to the leg and spun around shouting STOP as I placed my hand on the little girl’s shoulder to emphasise my point. This didn’t go down well with my new Marxist fiend [sic].

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!”.Well, tell her to stop kicking me. “DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER OR I’LL KNOCK YOU OUT” she shouted as she started slapping me across the arm. Oh my God, I was being attacked by Chucky’s more aggressive sister and their mother who specialises in anger mismanagement.

Still the abuse continued. For a split second I thought about fighting back. Sure she could knock me out… in her dreams. It was a complete mismatch and would have looked bad if I had done something that I would later regret.

I decided instead to walk away, accompanied by several kicks to the posterior as I went. By now my adrenalin was pumping, and as I saw her approaching the exit gates with me, I warned her to stay away from me, concerned that I would be forced to lash out.

Her reaction was to laugh. Again, I couldn’t hear exactly what she said, but I think it was something like: “I doth compare the masculinity of ye with a timid feline.”

Well, I’m not going to hit a woman. And that was the end of that. Although I did see them again as I went to get on my next train; the mother was busying texting and the girl was still scowling. I felt sorry for that little girl. The deviant little shit.

I have no idea why she started something that could so easily have escalated to serious unpleasantness, but it seems clear that she is used to a violent environment, and her mother positively reinforced her actions which will no doubt lead to more spontaneous displays of aggression in the future.

I just fear that the next person to unfortunately cross their path will be an elderly person or perhaps another child who would be terrified at such conflict. Perhaps worse still, they would pick on another 6 foot plus man, but next time one who wouldn’t hesitate to fight back. And that would be a harsh lesson for an 8-year-old girl who has been badly let down by her mother’s poor parenting.

15 thoughts on “Man vs. Woman and Child

  1. And you wonder, that little girl will probably grow up to be just like her mother. Why am I still living in Britain?

    • I don’t think people like her are only to be found in Britain and I think it is rare to meet someone quite so aggressive!

  2. The deviant little shit .. sums it up perfectly. I guess we should have some compassion for children being brought up by people who should never be allowed to have kids, but .. easier said than done lol.

    • A girl that age should be happy and carefree. It was so sad to see. Her mother on the other hand…

  3. That pretty well sums up what is going wrong these days! We learn from our parents and with a mother like hers she is not going to learn anything good. It is sad.

  4. That is amazing. Well, no, actually, it isn’t. I’ve witnessed similar and my husband comes home every day from his college course amazed at the young people hanging around the train station with nothing to do – where are their parents, he asks? Not managing their kids, that is for sure!

    I told some little deviants off the other day (up near the loacal shops) and one of them had the cheek to tell me he didn’t have to listen to me “you old bag” or something similar.

    Then we wonder why we have problems in society…………

  5. Bloody Hell, these are the kind of times you wish you could just set fire to people, but then there’s the whole deal with the authorities and the law and all that shizzle. It’s probably best you just walked away. Although if you see either of them ever again, you might just have to showcase your displeasure about the subjugation of the working classes by ‘accidentally*’ kicking them too.

    * – on purpose.

    • Setting fire to them is too extreme. I prefer the idea of tarring and feathering, then parading them through the town holding signs proclaiming: ‘Donkeys kick, so I must be an ass!’

    • Unfortunately for her, she will one day kick the wrong person (or thing). Whether she will learn her lesson is debatable.

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