Southern Softies

Tsunami damage in Krabi

Around the World Trip: Thailand (part 4)

Last post, I’d just spent my first night in Lamai. The second day and night passed quietly. The resort is mainly for older couples, plus it does seem to be affected by people cancelling their holiday to Thailand – a complete over-reaction seeing as the tsunami hit the other coast! On my final day I decided to try a Thai massage that, for those who don’t know, basically involves the masseur twisting, contorting and stretching the victim’s body (who at this point is trying to remember where he has put his insurance details), plus occasionally kneeing or elbowing at various strategic points and sometimes cupping the balls (not sure if she meant that!). Probably should have gone for the safe bet of oil massage instead. Continue reading


The steps up to Doi Sethup temple

Around the World Trip: Thailand (part 3)

So after the trip to Chiang Rai etc. the day before (I forgot to mention, the guide’s name was Ping Pong!), I had one thing left to do in Chiang Mai – visit the Doi Suthep temple, halfway up a mountain 10km outside of town. So despite having a dodgy stomach (I’m surprised it took this long!) I haggled a reasonable price with a taxi driver and began the journey along the winding roads. I’d heard good things about this place, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered in the heat and with my ‘condition’.

Upon arrival I was met with the sight of 300+ steps to the top and wondered if I could make it. But being told that the toilet was at the top was like a carrot to a donkey Continue reading

Northern Monkeys

Around the World Trip: Thailand (part 2)

Since my last post I have crammed a lot in as I’ve travelled north. Same same, but different as the Thais would say (no I don’t understand either!).

So after one too many Chang beers in Ayutthaya (that stuff is strong), I caught the night train to Chiang Mai. Met other travellers straight away which was a relief after the solitude of big bad Bangkok. I saw some more temples in the day before meeting the others for a meal in the evening, in a restaurant complete with the man-and-synthesiser dodgy cabaret that is so typically Thai. I’ll never complain about Westlife cover versions again! Continue reading

Smogless Wonders

Around the World Trip: Thailand (part 1)

Wednesday 19th January

I am in an internet cafe in Bangkok. It is exactly as everyone says. Hot, humid, smelly, overcrowded and very polluted. My flight was a bit of a nightmare. When I landed in Singapore for my connecting flight I went to the departure lounge only to be told that I was on the next flight. So I had to sit and watch all the people from my earlier flight get on the plane while I twiddled my thumbs for a few hours.

Then I realised that they had taken my ticket and went to get it back but found the gate closed! Eventually it was sorted out when a woman at the helpdesk tracked down the woman who took it and reunited me with it. Apparently she wondered why she had an extra ticket! Continue reading